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area on the blow ground floor we could do that but i would argue that it's a less tennessee feet. you understand? i would rather close off the 5 foot court completely and take away the noise of the restaurant we've just continue to provide a fence at that 5 footpath so no one could walk onto the area >> it puts the deck smack against the hartford street. >> the fence would still be where it's shown today. >> yeah, and that gap there. and you understand that that ground there is pretty much there anyway. so if you're in the castro club by a foot or two you could walk back there. this is a race ground floor here you see the healthy relationships again we're putting in a - and the upper section in the height of the rear patio it's the one you look at in the photo of the rear building >> the plan shows the existing condition so the rear yard is not that much lower than the height of the proposed addition so the relationship at the rear of the property doesn't change that much. the commission does have the ability to have this extend all the way back. however, the limit is 2 thousand s
damaging winds going over the mississippi river. throughout the night in alabama, mississippi, tennessee. then during the day wednesday, it sweeps all the way to the east coast. we're talking severe weather for a large chunk of the country. the middle of this week, it will be dangerous. >> all right. thank you. >>> "les miserables" of t-- "argo" was the big winner at the screen actors guild awards. daniel day-lewis won for "lincoln" and jennifer lawrence picked up the award for "silver linings playbook." >>> and which was the best of the worst? "parker" and "movie 43" had terrible reviews. >>> burt reynolds was hospitalized this weekend with a severe case of the flu, spending time in the icu freezing. his rep said they were taking care of him and his mustache. >>> and ashton kutcher was hospitalized after being doubled over in pain after a diet consisting of fruit, nuts, and seeds. huh. >> could lose a lot of weight on that diet. >> maybe it -- there's not -- i don't understand. it sounds healthy. >> try it and see how you do. >> i know. >>> this comes from rochester, minnesota. a nearby
whittenburg. beautiful putt there. 28-year-old from memphis, tennessee. good, tidy player. very nice swing, very strong and fit. off a good season on the web.com tour last year. yeah, tiger will be really upset at himself for bogeying 14 and hitting that drive here. nick: his stats were good the hole week. i think he got as high as 80% in one round. but then today he's gone left on one, left on two. right on four, right on six. seven down the fairway. nine way right. 10, perfect. 12 good. 13 good. 14 didn't really hook enough and then 15 left going left. so not pretty with the big stick. though this one has really been working. ian: that was a bad misread. you don't see tiger misread by a cup very often. nick: so there's still stuff to work on. the wedge play has been brilliant. the distance control all through the week -- it's been rainy and foggy and all sorts. the distance control has been a serious improvement but i think this will really iraq him. he's got to -- irk him. he's got to sort this driver out under certain visual demands. peter: nick watney, very quick putt. nick: wow, was
blackburn, republican from tennessee. i called you "congresswoman," you don't like that, do you? >> it doesn't matter to me. i'm not into titles. you can lead and be effective without a title, and so it doesn't matter, but congressman is grammatically correct because it's not a gender specific job. stuart: i'll never call you congresswoman again. >> ha-ha, it doesn't matter. stuart: the more successful a woman becomes, the more negative is her stereotype and image in the workplace. what do you think? >> yeah, well, you know, there's a lot of truth to that, and throughout my career, stuart, i had times where i had to push forward a little, and then maybe had to step back a little bit. you watch that tempo. you watch the tone, but sometimes people will say, oh, you know, aggressiveness is not good in women, but we like aggressiveness in men. there is, still, today, i think she's right. there's a little bit of that. i think, also, you know, she's right when she talks about women working two jobs. women are the great multitaskers because we are running our home. we are working families, and an i
, the mississippi river valley and the tennessee river valley and ohio river valley where we could deal with tornadoes. rare severe weather outbreak tomorrow at this time. back to you. >> thank you. less than an hour away from a vote on a $50 billion aid package that will pass the senate tonight but if it does not muster with my next guest. $50 billion. what issues do you have? >> not the issue i have but the issue that it wipes out all of the new revenue of president obama's pass tax increase. the tax deal that was just done on the fiscal cliff was supposed to solve or help with revenue but in the first year sandy wipes out the savings in in 2013 and undercovers how difficult it is to work on the debt it defines tax-and-spend. >> both agree this is money well spent negotiation? >> sure, but the issue is, do you add it to the deficit in door you go ahead and find offsets? there are a lot of things that folks have problems with. one is that the a lot of the spending did not happen until 2013 and in the future. there was an argument that okay, we will take care of the emergency needs in t
across the board. researchers from the oak ridge national laboratory in tennessee found increasing from 50 to 60 miles per hour will cut fuel economy by 12%. your fuel economy will drop 14% as you go from 60 to 70 miles an hour. and it will drop 16% if you hit 80 miles an hour. the national average for regular gas rose four cents over the weekend. aaa reports the national average at $3.34 a gallon for regular unleaded. in d.c., it's $3.57. in maryland, it's $3.39 right now and in virginia, it's averaging about $3.26 a gallon. in virginia, that average is $3.49. >>> virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli is working on bipartisan legislation to make it easier to appear on the commonwealth's election ballot. cuccinelli wants to cut the number of required signatures in half from 10,000 to 5,000. he also wants to allow rejected candidates to be able to appeal the decision before the state board of elections. cuccinelli says the changes are in response to the 2012 election where many presidential candidates failed to get on virginia's ballot. >>> in the day ahead, a montgomery county commit
, congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee joins us and israel's top spies open up in a new documentary about the conflict of the palestinians. we'll talk to the director of the oscar-nominated film "the gatekeeper." you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. and...done. did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us? oh no, i... just used my geico app to get a tow truck. it's gonna be 30 minutes. oh, so that means that we won't be stuck up here, for hours, with nothing to do. oh i get it, you wanna pass the time, huh. (holds up phone) fruit ninja!!! emergency roadside assistance. just a click away with the geico mobile app. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >>> as they say now, mika, on rocky & bullwinkle, and now for something completely different. >> yeah. look at this shot of washingt
. something that kind of shocked me in the great state of tennessee with the courthouse. i thought they couldn't really top fighting the ten commandment ins courthouses. having a place you put up thou shalt not kill is pretty funny. in cookeville, tennessee? >> in cookeville, tennessee they decided that a pastor there, a southern baptist pastor decided that what was missing from the putnam county courthouse were the words "in god we trust." okay, fine. it is on the money. it is essentially the model of the united states. because eisenhower got that passed in 1956. >> john: it is not the conservative point of view. the conservative point of view would be a separation of church and state as the founders intended. 18th century point of view is putting in god we trust in everything. >> they raised money to put "in god we trust" in two foot tall gold letters, not just on the front of the courthouse but on all four sides above every entrance. so that no matter where you walk into the courthouse, you see "in god we trust." >> that's very donald trump of them. >> i just want to know what's wrong with
, the tennessee valley and that is the next few days and some highs into the middle to low 50s with the exception of the northeastern counties and the potential to the north and eat, that you could be stuck in the 40 asif they keep the cold air in place. at lost we're in the mid-50s and some limited amounts of sunshine. into wednesday, believe it or not, there is a chance, showers and some thunderstorms because of the warm air that is coming in. the high wins and we could have a couple of thunderstorms late into the afternoon and evening. look at the tomorrow. we're going conservative here at 65 degrees and key think -- we think there is going to beshosome showers and this is spotty here and to the south and east. some spotty showers there and from is nothing for the district and mainly, the light shower and some cloudy skies, fog thick in places tonight and hold on to the spotty shower in the forecast. 38 and we stay above freezeing and that is important. forty degrees and meteorologistly cloudy at lunch mostly cloudy at lunch tomb and that is the trend the next few days. the limited sunshine an
: there is a new plan in tennessee that affects family welfare parents and ties them to the children of those recipients performance in school. you get lower grades you get lower payments. joining us is the sponsor of the bill republican state senator stacey campfield and doctor joh ann roberts a school superintendent in illinois and michigan where similar laws were proposed. great to see both of you. thanks for being with us. actually our first guest is on the stone. i want to ask first about what is going on in tennessee, so representative campfield if i can ask you why you're proposing this, because you already have a measure in place that if kid don't go to school parents lose 20% of their welfare cash payments. >> yeah, you know we're taking it to the next level and saying, listen if your kid is failing every single class because who knows what reason, unless you are a special needs child or something like that we're going to stop or cutback on the amount of straight cash payments you're going to get. this has nothing to do with food stamps or wick or school lunches or anything or school
the floor. mr. alexander: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from tennessee. mr. alexander: it seems lately i come to the floor when the republican leader is make being reasonable and sensible proposals. i heard him say the same thing last weefnlg iragre week. the president is elected. he deserves credit for that. he now has a chance to define his legacy. es he's told us what that is ins inaugural address. isn't this the right time to get out of the way? hasn't the house of representatives actually given us an unexpected three or four months in which we can do it in so if president obama wants, as i'm sure he must, to begin to work on the other issues that he talked about in his inaugural address -- immigration, for example, these other important issues -- why would we not go work right now as the republican leader says and deal with the runaway, out-of-control entitlement vend d spending that's going to -- spending that's going to bankrupt the program that seniors depend upon to pay their medical bills? we know that's going to a the chair trustees have seder it wil-- have
. >> our first photo comes from jacquelin brown from clarksville, tennessee. if you have been told to watch your drinking, come on inside. we have a mirror behind the bar. maybe we should have just gotten a mirror. why stop drinking? >> i was wondering what it had to do with piranhas, but apparently nothing. >> next is from sheryl gaffney from milwaukee, oregon. >> practice safe lunch. use condiments. >> it almost looks like a bogts. >> that's precious. i like that one. >> stacy mitchell says the next one is from seeberville, tennessee. i'm so glad the bear is watching the sign and not me. >> oh, my god. that's scare where i. >> that was just on the side of the road in tennessee. >> wow. >> that's the view in tennessee. i need to move. sarah white from winter park, florida, sent us this photo. now, they even have a little life preserver. this is outside a pub in ireland. just in case you see that, make sure you jump in and help out. >> can't say you weren't warned. >> exactly. >> finally e finally, laura from coronado, california, submitted this photo. 60 minute parking, but we're going to
never mind. >> i am so shocked at party politics some days. look, corker in tennessee ran a rotten -- i thought a racist campaign against gerald ford. and running the way saxby chambliss ran against mx clinton, a war hero, i guy who had been maimed in the war, was horrible and yet i give them forgiveness in both have ended up being people who tried to work as legitimate congress people and senators -- >> trite to get something done. >> they did try to get something done and i give them credit for the way they ended if not the way they started. in fact, corker is still in the business but i wish saxby chambliss well in his decision. coming up -- thank you, sign thea and eugene robbins. >>> up next, fox news and sarah palin call it quits. with a lot of republicans saying the gop has to stop being the stupid party, this can't hurt, getting rid of her, but we'll see. this is "hardball," the place for politics. did i say that? rtunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and you...rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even
even, washington, wyoming, tennessee, texas. texas is big indeed. the governor in louisiana is talking about not having a state income tax. you can see why. texas is stealing every employer in the world. it's hard for louisiana to think about competing with them so they have to, you know, even the playing floor so that they can compete too. now, reality of this, though, is it makes it hard on those old-fashioned states like new york that want to -- they want to charge state income taxes out the wazoo, and california raised theirs to 3.3%. it's not a surprise here, but, you know, take note. there's a palm beach office, the little city of palm beach, has an entire office dedicated to getting hedge fund managers, private equity dudes -- ashley: smart thing to do. tracy: the middle class will feel this. the wealthy can afford to pick up and leave and fly back to wherever they have to go. those of us with kids in school, families, can't sell the house, i don't have a choice. they will end up raising the state taxes for me to pick up the slack. >> or new york has to find another way to fund
congresswoman marsha blackburn out of tennessee. >> good morning. bill: shoot right down the middle here. will it happens the assault weapons ban. >> no, here is the reason why. it was not renewed in 2004. the fbi and law enforcement officers saying this did not work. what we know is that since the lifting of that ban you've seen crime go down. people, many times, bill, what ends up happening, you get the gun-free zones and you get guns in the hand of criminals and you're right, there's a lot of evil in this world but the assault weapons ban is not the way to fix it. bill: okay. on the assault, let me come back to fixing that in a moment. what about a background check? could that pass? >> well, background checks already are happening and, even, you know, some people will say, there's a gun show loophole but you know what? the most of the your vendors at the gun shows are licensed vendors. they are already doing those background checks there is a very small percentage, i think it is about four or 5% of the guns that are transferred into individual to individual without background checks.
. an elementary school in tennessee says it's taking new safety precautions, limiting lunchtime visits from parents, a voucher would be needed and visits limited to two times every nine weeks to have lunch with your kid. but should parents be cut off from their children? let's talk to psycho therapist and counselor, thomas kirsten and dr. jamie howard a clinical psychologist. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> steve: so right now apparently at the school, parents can go and have lunch with their kids any time they want to. now the school is going, we got to rein this in. maybe two times every nine weeks. >> i think the problem is they opened up a can of worms early on and if you have parents coming in to the school every day to visit their kids, i think it's more of a problem for the parent. not so much for the kid. there is a neediness factor there. we got to raise independent kids. at some point we got to cut the cord. >> steve: you think it's a dumb idea? >> i do. >> steve: let's talk to the doctor. >> i agree we want kids to be independent, absolutely. but we also want par
psychiatrists. we have been providing services since 2002 in the state of tennessee. no services are getting out to counties where we cannot hire fisher since -- physicians. it is 2014 as we sit here today. we need to bring -- align our payment strings with our current technology. we are not permitted in tennessee to provide tele- counseling services. i can provide tele-psychiatry. and work alongside a practitioner into medication management. i cannot provide counseling services remotely through tele- health and get reimbursed. it is 2014. we have 12 years of experience on the psychiatry side. we cannot seem to move out of the current limitations around the services. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you, you all for your testimony. you know in your written testimony there are a number of barriers to access to children's mental health services, specifically you recommend. funding streams that encourage centers two inch - to partner with community organizations. i am introducing a bill called the mental health in schools act. it does that exactly. by providing grant funds for schools to partner w
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